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About Us

Brave Operations - Lollipop Division (BO-LD) is an Eve Online Corporation, within the Pandemic Legion Alliance. We are a close-knit group of PVP and Industry enthusiasts, with a diverse and rich history in New Eden. We believe in supporting each other and helping each other strive to become the best they can.

BO-LD Military

BO-LD offers a variety of pvp styles flying specialised ships such as T3D's, T3C's, BLOPs & Bombers, and even Capital class ships. From micro-gang to large fleets and capital drops, we do it all.

BO-LD Industry

Our industry team are highly experienced in both mining/procuring and manufacturing. BO-LD Industries manufacture and supply Capital class ships to BO-LD and our alliance.


Solo PVP

Push yourself to the limits by flying solo and truly testing yourself.

Small Gang PVP

Fly in a small or micro-gang, fly your own ship and help each other achieve victory.

Large Fleet PVP

Join large fleets and alliance stratops to experience the more political side of Eve Online.

Capital Warfare

Whether flying solo, in a small gang or large fleet, use your Capital ships and discover their full potential.


Join our indy team to produce ship hulls and parts of all sizes, including Capital and Supercapitals.


Whether solo Rorqual mining, Gas Huffing or Moon Mining, our indy team can offer guidance to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

Does BO-LD Sound like the right place for you?

If you are interested in joining BO-LD, please join our ingame recruitment channel, have a chat with us and get to know us, and use the link below to submit and application.

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Got What It Takes?

Test Yourself

Lollipops AT 2020:

I Bombed Myself, S***!

Anger Games 2021:

Lemon Hound Theory

Anger Games 2021:

Best Wormhole Corp?


Meet the BO-LD Leadership Team

Camel Whisperer



Akage Kotetsu

Director of Military

Asmodean Shepherd


Munerich -Tito- Brozovich

Director of Infrastructure & Industry

Onodor Ylkar'i



Director of IT

Rogder Dodger

Director of Recruitment

Joey Belvar

Director - Military

Firestorm FireClan

Officer - Industry

Rile Breau

Officer - Recruitment